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Whether you can recall the name of everyone you have ever met or you just lost your keys for the fifth time this week, using mnemonics can help keep brain fog at bay. Mnemonics can not only help with your daily activities, performing a quick search on the Internet reveals a variety of different testing

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Code Your Testing Skills

As a QA Engineer I’m coding on a regular basis, be it for writing automated tests, be it for generating test data, be it scripting for automating reports and process and more to help with bits and pieces. Having some coding experience always helped me to understand the developers a little bit better. What are

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Books for Testers

Dedicating your life to software testing, a person should realize that it is a rather complex science which includes a lot of aspects, information, and actions. Whether you would like to be a manual tester or completely fond of automated testing, there is a certain level of knowledge every quality assistance engineer should possess. Moreover,

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Testing Challenge

Did you ever had a dispute with a developer about testing or a bug? What could be a good way to bring testing a little bit closer to them? Most developers (especially in the games industry) enjoy a good challenge and they strive to become better at their job every day. Take the chance and

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Learning to Code as Game

You want to learn or improve your programming skills but don’t know where to start? Solve tricky puzzles while playing to improve your programming skills: CodinGame is not only writing code for fun but also for innovative and creative thinking. The Puzzles can be solved more than 20 different languages and are suitable for programming

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Web App Testing Tricks

Every platform whether it is web, desktop or mobile with it’s device variety and accessibility has grown dramatically over the past few years. There new programming languages, new third party apps and an expanding browser matrix which is quite a challenge when it comes to testing. But though testing is hard, it is still a

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The Nature of Bugs

Software Quality Assurance is a tricky science and surely everyone tinkering with programming knows them. They sneak in the code and are merely to tame, the Bugs! WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? They exist since the 19th century and were used for small errors in mechanical and electrical pieces. The connection to computers goes probably

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