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Code Your Testing Skills

As a QA Engineer I’m coding on a regular basis, be it for writing automated tests, be it for generating test data, be it scripting for automating reports and process and more to help with bits and pieces. Having some coding experience always helped me to understand the developers a little bit better. What are

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The Art of Code

Have you seen the gource visualizations of git repositories? Gource lets you create beautiful animated tree visualizations of git repos, with the root directory at the centre, other directories as branches and files as leaves. There are also representations of the different programmers contributing to the project over time. Creating such video visualizations on mac

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Utilizing Serenity Tags

Your test scenarios have become quite numerous and you are about to lose the overview? You are looking for a clever way to keep them well organized and want to increase the maintainability? TAGS One way is to add tags to the tests using annotations. There are multiple annotations available @WithTag, @WithTags and @WithTagValuesOf. As

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Testing Challenge

Did you ever had a dispute with a developer about testing or a bug? What could be a good way to bring testing a little bit closer to them? Most developers (especially in the games industry) enjoy a good challenge and they strive to become better at their job every day. Take the chance and

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Beta Community Testing Improved

After the results form our Beta Community Testing were proved successfully we started to brainstorm on how to mitigate the high fluctuation of our testers. The main focus was on improving the motivation over a longer time period. LONGTERM MOTIVATION As there was no goal a tester could achieve over time we started to give

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10 Signs You have Outgrown Excel for Test Management

When you are starting out on a QA project, with a small team, using spreadsheets to manage your testing is often sufficient. However, once the project becomes more complex: multiple platform releases, versions or a growing team of testers, managing those spreadsheets becomes another task in itself. If any of the below mentioned signs sound familiar it’s time to consider shifting

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