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Losing your Head with Xvfb

The Problem When we just started with UI Automation using Selenium the tests were only running on a laptop specifically dedicated to UI Automation. As part of our continuous integration environment the total execution time was reached after some time. On extending the amount of servers on which the tests could run we had to

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Dynamic Headers in JMeter

Don’t lose your heads! A great way to set headers for every request is by using an HTTP Header Manager.     Within a BeanShell PreProcessor the request can then be build. In this case we are sending the hash as part of each request.   DYNAMIC HEADER There might be a time when the

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Broken Chain

Getting Started with JMeter

Mayday, mayday! Is that how you feel when looking over JMeter? No worries.  JMeter is a great tool for doing performance testing of web applications, but it may seem a tad bit tricky when looking it over for the first time. LOAD TESTING Load testing focuses on simulating and often exceeding your expected production load,

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Utilizing Serenity Tags

Your test scenarios have become quite numerous and you are about to lose the overview? You are looking for a clever way to keep them well organized and want to increase the maintainability? TAGS One way is to add tags to the tests using annotations. There are multiple annotations available @WithTag, @WithTags and @WithTagValuesOf. As

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Coordinating Manual & Automated Testing

Do you struggle automating tests and still executing them manually? Do you run tests manually which are already automated? No worries, you are not alone. Even in companies with mature automation processes one will always find reasons to either not automate or running automated tests manually. WHY DO WE NEED BOTH? These days many companies

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Giving a Hand in Test Automation

You have caught yourself in a situation where your business demands more automation? You are a tester in a company where few people have both the skills and guts to dive into test automation? No worries, also manual testers can be engaged and involved when such an activity is required. WHY TO DO SO? Manual

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Top Reasons for Not Automating Tests

Despite the existence for quite some time already test automation is practiced not consistently enough. You can hear a lot of tester’s arguments about not automating their tests and the most popular ones are featured below. However these reasons often do not reflect the reality. 1. I have no Time for Automation. Sure, when starting

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