Learning to Code as Game

You want to learn or improve your programming skills but don’t know where to start?

Solve tricky puzzles while playing to improve your programming skills: CodinGame is not only writing code for fun but also for innovative and creative thinking. The Puzzles can be solved more than 20 different languages and are suitable for programming newcomers as well as for experienced coders.

The platform is designed like an online video game which has several modes. There is a single-player, optimization and multi-player mode. All actions and commands are executed in the game in real time.  On getting started with the single-player mode a tutorial will help you to orient yourself. In the tutorial you can make yourself familiar with the environment and protect the planet at the beginning with a laser cannon from an invasion of alien spaceships. Have you correctly found the solution you can start playing and coding.

In the single-player mode games are grouped in four different difficulty levels ranging from easy through medium and hard to very hard. To get to the next higher level a certain number of games must be mastered on the current level. Also you can save the results and also track your progress.

In multi-player mode you have a variety of options ranging from contests, Clash of Code or AI programming where you can compete or work together with other players. Additional features include a live chat, the possibility of code sharing and a forum where you can exchange with others.

Let the coding begin!