Whether you can recall the name of everyone you have ever met or you just lost your keys for the fifth time this week, using mnemonics can help keep brain fog at bay. Mnemonics can not only help with your daily activities, performing a quick search on the Internet reveals a variety of different testing

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Code Your Testing Skills

As a QA Engineer I’m coding on a regular basis, be it for writing automated tests, be it for generating test data, be it scripting for automating reports and process and more to help with bits and pieces. Having some coding experience always helped me to understand the developers a little bit better. What are

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Books for Testers

Dedicating your life to software testing, a person should realize that it is a rather complex science which includes a lot of aspects, information, and actions. Whether you would like to be a manual tester or completely fond of automated testing, there is a certain level of knowledge every quality assistance engineer should possess. Moreover,

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The Art of Code

Have you seen the gource visualizations of git repositories? Gource lets you create beautiful animated tree visualizations of git repos, with the root directory at the centre, other directories as branches and files as leaves. There are also representations of the different programmers contributing to the project over time. Creating such video visualizations on mac

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Losing your Head with Xvfb

The Problem When we just started with UI Automation using Selenium the tests were only running on a laptop specifically dedicated to UI Automation. As part of our continuous integration environment the total execution time was reached after some time. On extending the amount of servers on which the tests could run we had to

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Dynamic Headers in JMeter

Don’t lose your heads! A great way to set headers for every request is by using an HTTP Header Manager.     Within a BeanShell PreProcessor the request can then be build. In this case we are sending the hash as part of each request.   DYNAMIC HEADER There might be a time when the

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What’s Localization Testing About

Many applications that are developed today are available around the globe. People from Australia, Poland, Russia, USA can easily play a game developed in Germany. The sky is the limit, but one question remains: Will everyone enjoy the game in the way they were meant to? IS TRANSLATION ALL IT TAKES? People are different, but

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Broken Chain

Getting Started with JMeter

Mayday, mayday! Is that how you feel when looking over JMeter? No worries.  JMeter is a great tool for doing performance testing of web applications, but it may seem a tad bit tricky when looking it over for the first time. LOAD TESTING Load testing focuses on simulating and often exceeding your expected production load,

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Utilizing Serenity Tags

Your test scenarios have become quite numerous and you are about to lose the overview? You are looking for a clever way to keep them well organized and want to increase the maintainability? TAGS One way is to add tags to the tests using annotations. There are multiple annotations available @WithTag, @WithTags and @WithTagValuesOf. As

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