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What’s Localization Testing About

Many applications that are developed today are available around the globe. People from Australia, Poland, Russia, USA can easily play a game developed in Germany. The sky is the limit, but one question remains: Will everyone enjoy the game in the way they were meant to? IS TRANSLATION ALL IT TAKES? People are different, but

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Boosting Tester Value when not Coding

You are working alongside automation engineers and find it daunting as you don’t code? or you recently started testing and are seeking ways to boost your value? Then the following tips may help you. CARE FOR CUSTOMERS Sit with your users and see how they use the product. Learn what is important to them, where

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Why become a Tester?

Why did you choose to become a tester? You could be a developer, for instance. They are generally considered to be the core of the project, recognized and also better paid. And yet you are a software tester or you are considering to become one. Why? BECAUSE YOU CARE That’s right, you are a tester

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